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Looking for fulfillment in your life? Looking for your place in God's harvest field? We have free resources to help you as you go forward! Download anything that is helpful to you and pass on to others!

Find Personal Fulfillment... When You Find God's Plan For Your Life!

Though he had experienced a great deal of success in life, Berni Dymet hit rock bottom and even pondered whether or not life was worth continuing. In his darkest hour he came face to face with Jesus Christ, and a total transformation of his life began.

Not only did Jesus Christ redeem Berni's life, but He called him into into a life of meaning and purpose! Today, Berni is head of a world-wide ministry, Christianityworks, sharing the message and hope of Jesus throughout many parts of the world!
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Two Statements of Jesus That Can Change Your Life!

In the final hours before going to the cross to pay the price for your sins, Jesus spoke with His disciples. What He said could change the course of your life.

In this ebooklet you will be challenged to consider two very important statements made by Jesus Christ Himself...two statements which every believer needs to consider.
Making The Most Of The 4th Quarter Of Your Life!

Wayne Pederson was a Christian radio DJ, then manager, then leader of a couple large Christian ministries. Though officially retired, Wayne continues to have a significant impact in God's Kingdom by sharing his extensive experience with a number of ministries as an advisor or board member. Here what he has to say in this Podcast!
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Someone In YOUR Life Is Waiting To Hear!

All of us have someone in our lives who needs Jesus!

Our friends at Evangelism Explosion have produced an excellent gospel brochure that you can download here right now. Down
load it & print it, or email it to someone you know who needs to hear about Jesus today!
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