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Living and Powerful

The Bible is "living and powerful", and God can do special things when one man or woman has the chance to be transformed by the power of God's word and His Spirit! God is at work through ordinary people who He uses in extraordinary ways to make sure that the hope of the gospel is shared!

Enkai was a Maasai man, working as a security guard at a business in Kenya. He had recently been told the gospel, and had enthusiastically received Jesus as his Savior.

But, he had no little chance to learn about could he hear the word of God taught in his mother tongue where he was?

Then, he met Joseph...a man working for a Christian ministry which was planning to do a distribution of audio Bibles in the Maasai language in Kenya! Though the distribution of these audio Bibles was not scheduled to happen until several months later, Joseph had a few of them with him as he was traveling through the area.

He gave an audio Bible to Enkai, who immediately began listening to its powerful message! Several days later, Enkai contacted Joseph and told him "I now listen to a chapter of God's word every night, and then the next day I tell my co-workers what I have learned!"

Is there someone you can share God's word with today?

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