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Eliudi's Story

What began with one young man hearing the gospel through the preaching of a street preacher in northern Tanzania has turned into a powerful evangelistic outreach, sharing the gospel with millions of people in several African nations.

Eliudi was a young man who had recently married, and was just beginning to get established. He needed to go to the market, so he took the bus to Arusha. While he was there he walked past a street preacher who was sharing the gospel with anyone who would listen. Eliudi listened for a while, but had things to do so he moved on without interest.

Later that day, he heard that there had been a bus accident and that several passengers had been killed. Realizing that he could have been on that bus, and that his own life could have ended suddenly, Eliudi went back to Arusha the next day to look for the street preacher. He found him, asked to be told the gospel, and received Jesus as his Savior!

Eliudi shared Jesus with is wife, who also accepted Christ. They soon learned of the cost of becoming Christians as many friends and family turned their backs on Eliudi and his wife because of their faith.

But, Eliudi longed to learn more about his Savior and to tell others the good news! Over time, God provided a way for him to go to the United States and attend Bible school. Eliudi was now prepared to pastor a church when he returned to Tanzania, but he kept thinking about those who were called to preach who could not attend Bible school as he had, and the limitations of pastoring just one church. The Lord showed Eliudi that he was train others to be pastors, so he started a small school in Tanzania...those who attended could then go out and plant churches in many areas, and the International Evangelism Outreach was born!

Over the past 40 years, the IEO has trained thousands to plant and pastor churches, and a large number of churches have been started in several countries across Africa. The work of the IEO has also expanded to include medical missions, a medical clinic, an orphanage, primary, secondary, and trade schools, and a Christian radio station.

This is what happens when one man, or woman, says 'YES' to God's call.

Our God IS able to do immeasurably more than all we ask, or even imagine, through His power at work within us!   (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Thank God for the sacrifice and faithfulness of Eliudi, and the street preacher who led him to man, standing on a street corner telling anyone who would listen of the love that God has for them and the gift of salvation that He offers to anyone who will receive it!

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